Learn object-oriented approach to build 2D and 3D games using powerful gaming platforms!

Scratch to Unity

Course Fee: PKR 6000/-

πŸ“† 4 Weeks πŸ•’ Tuesday, Thursday πŸ“™ English & Urdu

Admissions Open

What you will Learn?

β˜‘οΈ Fundamentals of Game Designing and Development
β˜‘οΈ Basics to Advance-level Programming Knowledge with C# Scripting
β˜‘οΈ Learn how Object-oriented Approach works using Scratch
β˜‘οΈ Master Unity Game Engine with Six fully Featured 2D and 3D Games
β˜‘οΈ Games Deployment over Mobile and Web Platforms
β˜‘οΈ Boost your portfolio and be a potential candidate for Gaming Industry

Am I Eligible?
16+ aged – Students of Matric/O-level and above grades can join us. There is no pre-requisite required.

Lectures Preview

Lecture 1
Beginning with Scratch – Space Invader I
Lecture 2
Space Invader II in Scratch

Weekly Content & Projects

Week 1 – Dive into Game Development with Scratch

Project – Ultimate Space Shooter

What will I learn through this game?
  • The fundamentals of computer instructions β€œTHE ALGORITHM
  • Understanding the basics of Geometry, Angles and Loop
  • Learn to make the flow of the piece of Code
  • Control Scripts using Variables
  • Handling individual clones generating events
  • Create Animated backgrounds and Characters
  • Handling User-initiated events

Week 2 – Get Started with UNITY Game Engine

Project – 2D Color Switch – Basics to Advanced

What will I learn through this game?
  • Starting your first 2D Uni-level to Multi-level Game
  • Understanding Unity Layout and Functions Life Cycle
  • Setting up basic Game Environment
  • Understanding Game Objects and their Properties
  • Importing assets and dealing with Sprites
  • Understanding Collisions and Trigger events
  • Hands-on practice with C# Scripting
  • Control Camera Movement in 2D
  • Understand Time Frame Rate
  • How Prefabs and Instantiation works?
  • Adding UI/UX Components
  • Build your first Game with Infinite levels for Android/IOS

Week 3 – Understanding Projectile Physics and 3D Game World

Project – Angry Bird Inspired 2D Game

What will I learn through this game?
  • Importing Assets and Adding Sprites
  • Understanding Physics behind Games
  • Handling Projectile Movement
  • Working with Random Angles and Spring Effects
  • Learn about Keyboard and Mouse Controllers
  • Introduction to Ray Casting and Line Renderer
  • Events Handling with C# Scripting
  • Adding Obstacles and Enemies Destruction
  • Learn Particles and Sound Effects
  • Levels Controller adaptive to User-progress
  • Adding UI/UX components – Scores/Lives/Menu
  • Building and Exporting Game for Android/OS

Project – 3D Pool Billiards Snooker

What will I learn through this game?
  • How a 3D game differ from a 2D Game?
  • Understanding and Setting up a 3D World Game Environment
  • Import and Learn about 3D assets properties
  • Handle Mouse positions to a 3D World space
  • Controlling 360 degree Camera Movement
  • Hands-on Practice with Ray Casting and Line Renderer
  • Collisions Detection and Handling
  • Cue Controller to handle cue ball strength and spin
  • Realistic Sound Effects
  • Adding UI/UX components
  • Publish your Game for Android/OS
  • Implementing Games’ Human vs AI Version

Week 4 – Final Project

Inspired by Map based 3rd Person Shooting Games

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join this course?
  • Students of Matric/A-level and above grade can join this course.
  • Minimum Age Required: 16
What is hardware (device) requirements of this course?
  • Only a Laptop/ PC is required with good internet connection
Any pre-requisite for this course?
  • There is no pre-requisite of this course.
  • If you have basic coding knowledge in any language, that will be a plus thing.
Where will the course be conducted?
  • Live classes will be conducted on Zoom
  • Google Classroom is used for after class discussion and material exchange
  • Once you get enrolled in any course, all the details will be shared with you
What if I do not find a course useful?
  • Our instructors will always be there for you to respond to your queries and to resolve any concerns you may have with the course. But if you are dissatisfied with the course, then within the 1st week of the LIVE course, you can contact us and get a full fee refund

What Perks do I Get after registration in a Live Online Course?
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  • Recordings of Live Tech Personalities’ Talk, depending on course
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  • You can transfer your payment through Easypaisa, JazzCash, or bank transfer

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