Machine Learning For Children

with Scratch – Batch 1

Course Fee: PKR 10000/- PKR 8000/- 📆 8 Weeks 📙 English & Urdu

🕒 Saturday, Sunday (10 – 11:00 AM Karachi Time) 🎥 Live Online Session

Classes Started from Saturday, 2nd April 2022

“Dive into machine learning with Scratch. Using scratch, your kid will learn about machine learning and their applications through an easy to use and learn platform!

Weekly Content & Projects

Course Outline

Week 1

  • In the first two lectures, we will understand the idea behind machine learning and its working principles. We will get to know how big tech giants are using machine learning models.
  • After understanding the working principle of machine learning models and then we will jump right into training our first machine learning model and making a project which recognizes pictures of dogs and cats.

Week 2

  • Then, we are going to learn what facial recognition is and how mobile phones detect our face to unlock themselves. 
  • We’ll make AI-powered face filters that Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms use.

Week 3

  • We will understand Natural Language Processing. We are going to train machine learning models to recognize text and sound and we will make an Anti-Bullying AI system that Facebook, Instagram use in their platforms to detect offensive comments.

Week 4

  • We will also create our own ALEXA by training a machine learning model.
  • Then we are going to see how chatbots work and how big companies which receive thousands of messages per day benefit from chatbots.
  • Finally, we’ll explore what is a recommendation system and how companies like Amazon, Netflix recommend products or movies to their customers or how Youtube chooses videos to recommend to their users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join this course?
  • Anyone with age 10 and above can join this course.
What is hardware (device) requirements of this course?
  • Only a Laptop/ PC is required with good internet connection
Any pre-requisite for this course?
  • There is no pre-requisite of this course
  • Your child should know the basic maths operations (+, -, /, x) and coordinate system
Why a child should take this course?

Today, technology is all around our kids. And programming has become the most fundamental skill to learn. Scratch is a block-based programming tool by MIT Media Lab, specially designed for children of age 8 to 16 years old to prepare them for the upcoming technology challenges of 21st-century 

Machine Learning is a field of Computer Science that is emerging and has applications in everything from daily life devices to complex cutting-edge technologies. Through this course your child will find a gateway into this field using Scratch will make it easy for your child to code and help them focus on learning.

Where will the course be conducted?
  • Live classes are conducted on Microsoft Teams
  • Google Classroom is used for after class discussion and material exchange
  • Once you get enrolled in any course, all the details will be shared with you
What if I do not find a course useful?
  • Our instructors will always be there for you to respond to your queries and to resolve any concerns you may have with the course. But if you are dissatisfied with the course, then within the 1st week of the LIVE course, you can contact us and get a full fee refund

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