Learn the Programming Principles for Building Large and Extensible Systems

Object-Oriented Programming

Course Fee: PKR 8000 PKR 5500

📆 5 Weeks 🕒 Recorded 📙 English & Urdu

Last Updated: December 2020

Free Lectures – Preview

Lecture 1
Arrays and Pointers (Dynamic Memory Allocation)
Lecture 2
The Story of OOP and Introduction to Classes
Lecture 3
Operator Overloading ( STL Vector – Set Class)

Weekly Content & Projects

Week 1 – Recap of pointers and beginning of OOP
Class 1 – Revision of Pointers and Structs
  • Arrays, Pointers, Structs
  • Types of Pointer
  • Applications of Pointers
    • Dynamic Memory Allocation (Single D and Two D Allocation)
  • Cross words Puzzle
Class 2 – The Beginning of OOP and its Pillars, The idea of class in C++
  • Introduction and Story of OOP
  • Why we need Object Oriented Programing (Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
  • Complex Class + Fraction Class
  • Binary Operators Overloading
Class 3 – Operator Overloading in action and friend functions
  • Operator Overloading
    • Unary, Binary, friend operators << , >> function)
  • Growable array using Vector Class of STL)
  • Huge Integer
    • Add, Subtract, Smaller, Greater, Equal Quantity wise
    • Operator+, *, /, % and operator++/– friend operator<< / >>
Week 2 – Using Abstraction and using STL String and vector
Class 1 – Using vector<int> as abstract class of STL
  • Static attributes/objects/functions
  • Applications
    • Singleton Design Pattern
  • Set class
  • Matrices
Class 2 – Using String as abstract class of STL
  • String class
    • Using STL string class.
    • Operators for string class
    • Application
      • Document Similarity Metrics
  • Making Text Editor Phase 1
Class 3 – Making Text Editor
  • Making Text Editor Phase 2
Week 3 – Objects and their Relationships
Class 1 – Composition Aggregation Association
  • Composition
  • Aggregation
  • Association
    • Application
Class 2 – Reusability and Using the Power of Inheritance


  • Application
  • Think about proper example
  • CHESS Phase 0
Class 3 – Object Binding at Run Time

Polymorphism (Virtual function)

  • Shape Hierarchy (Graphics library)
  • C++, CHESS Phase 1
Class 4 – Making Generalized Structures and Exceptional Handling
  • Composition
  • Aggregation
  • Association
    • Application
Week 4 – Using C# and building Windows Form Applications
Class 1 – Basics Event handling Using Wizard and then by hooking
  • C# (Calculator)
  • Minesweeper / Gomoku C#
  • Project Idea
    • Library/ Grocery Store Management system)
Class 2 – Building CHESS GAME using Windows Form Applications
  • CHESS in C# (Phase 0)
  • CHESS in C# (Phase 1)
Class 3 – Building CHESS GAME using Windows Form Applications


  • Highlight
  • Check
  • Stalemate
  • Checkmate
Week 5 – Designing Large System
Final Project

Library Management System

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