Programming for Children

with Scratch – Batch 3

Course Fee: PKR 5000/- PKR 4000/- πŸ“† 4 Weeks πŸ“™ English & Urdu

πŸ•’ Friday, Sunday (2 – 3:15 PM Karachi Time) πŸŽ₯ Live Online Session

Classes Started from Friday, 24th December 2021

“Dive into programming logic with Scratch. Your kid will use code blocks and characters to gain a foundation in computational and logical thinking!

Programming for Children – Batch-3 December 2021 – Course Promo

Collaboration with Mindstorm Studio – Pakistan’s leading Game Studio

Weekly Content & Projects

Week 1 – Content & Outcomes

Week 1 – Installation of Scratch

  • Movement of Sprite
  • Coordinate Axis

Download from here: Link

Week 1 – Chrome Dinosaur Jump Game

  • Smooth Turtle Graphics using Gliding
  • Loops
  • Key Press Events ( Introducing movement )
  • Painting own Sprites
  • Detecting Collision
  • Changing Costumes

Week 1 – Outcomes
  • Understanding the fundamentals of computer instructions β€œTHE ALGORITHM”
  • Understanding the arithmetic of grid – coordinate system (The cartesian plane), Understanding the basics of Geometry, Loops
    • Forever until
    • If instruction
    • Creating animations based graphics
  • How to make the flow of the piece of Code

Week 2 – Content & Outcomes

Week 2 – Bubble Trouble Game

  • Animated Moving Rope
  • Randomization (Random Speed, Costumes, Wait)
  • Creating Clone and Deleting Clone
  • Boundary checks
  • Adding Multiple Sound Effects
  • Adding Scores and Bonus
  • Game Over (Stopping all Sprites)
Week 2 – Outcomes
  • Learn to control Scripts using Variables
  • Learn to clone and handle individual clones generating events
  • Learn how to change velocity of sprites
  • Learn to create Animated backgrounds and characters

Week 3 – Content & Outcomes

Week 3 – 3D Cat Run Game

  • Play with 3D Projective Transform
  • Create bouncing effect in games
  • Loops for cloning – generating multiple  sprites copies through coding
  • Create start-end splash screens
  • Flash, paddle when hitting the brick

Week 3 – Outcomes
  • Create and design sprites using paint
  • Explore different directions and 3D environment
  • Learn consistency of designed sprites with cloning
  • Play with Color Effect
  • Create more advanced –  customized backdrops and animations
  •  A deeper understanding of Sprites, Gravity acting objects, Velocity, Variables, Loops and Conditional Statements
  • Learn reactions to obstacles based on user-initiated events

Week 4 – Content & Outcomes

Week 4 – 3D Cat Run Game (Advanced Version)

  • Multiple enemies with different power
  • Bonus with different scores
  • Infinite levels

Week 4 – Outcomes
  • Repeat all previously learned coding concepts to build a more advanced and professional game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join this course?
  • Anyone with age 10 and above can join this course.
What is hardware (device) requirements of this course?
  • Only a Laptop/ PC is required with good internet connection
Any pre-requisite for this course?
  • There is no pre-requisite of this course
  • Your child should know the basic maths operations (+, -, /, x) and coordinate system
Why a child should take this course?

Today, technology is all around our kids. And programming has become the most fundamental skill to learn. Scratch is a block-based programming tool by MIT Media Lab, specially designed for children of age 8 to 16 years old to prepare them for the upcoming technology challenges of 21st-century 

After every class, your child will be able to develop a fully-fledged project himself/herself including different games from a beginner (Chrome Dinosaur Game and Bubble Trouble) to an advanced level (3D Cat Run Game). Designed content of each class will not only teach your child fundamental programming concepts in depth. But that will also able your child to gain a foundation in computational and logical thinking.

Where will the course be conducted?
  • Live classes are conducted on Microsoft Teams
  • Google Classroom is used for after class discussion and material exchange
  • Once you get enrolled in any course, all the details will be shared with you
What if I do not find a course useful?
  • Our instructors will always be there for you to respond to your queries and to resolve any concerns you may have with the course. But if you are dissatisfied with the course, then within the 1st week of the LIVE course, you can contact us and get a full fee refund

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