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Make learning more effective with active participation and student collaboration


We envision a future where young learners from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to excel in computer science education.


For School/College Students: Empowering Future Innovators with Coding Superpowers!
Through engaging and interactive learning experiences, we unlock the creative potential, problem-solving abilities, and confidence of students. Our aim is to equip them with essential coding skills, preparing them to thrive in any field they choose in the digital age.


For University Students: Laying the foundation for lifelong learning and success in computer science, machine learning and related fields
We equip university students with a coherent conceptual framework, critical thinking skills, foundational academic knowledge and practical skills in the core tools and technologies in use in the industry. Our goal is to empower our students with the expertise and confidence needed to excel in their careers and make meaningful contributions to the industry

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Having spent over two decades in academia, conducting research and teaching computer science, I’ve witnessed the challenges of nurturing a first-rate computer science mindset. At the school and college levels, shallow curriculums and teaching styles prioritize memorization over understanding, such as teaching tool names without teaching how to build running programs. Unfortunately, this approach persists at university, where teachers often limit themselves to toy programs, neglecting the design of solutions to real-life problems. Consequently, graduates struggle in the workforce, with a low employability rate reflecting a misalignment between academic learning and industry needs.

As CEO of Seedprogramming, my objective is to provide access to high-quality education: integrated learning experiences that connect critical thinking, creative problem-solving and practical design and programming skills to prepare students for real-world challenges.

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Sarfraz Raza

CEO and Founder


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