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Discovering Building Block of Code with Scratch and Python

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About Course

“Discovering Building Blocks of Code with Scratch and Python” is a comprehensive course that teaches programming fundamentals using Scratch and Python.Β  Participants will learn to create interactive projects with Scratch and seamlessly transition to Python for more versatile programming. Through hands-on exercises and projects, they’ll gain practical experience, problem-solving skills, and collaborate with peers. No prior coding experience is required. Join us to unlock your potential as a programmer and explore the endless possibilities of coding.


Physical classes venue: (M-Lab) Office No. 806, 8th Floor, Haly Tower, DHA Phase 2, Lahore, 54500

What Will You Learn?

  • Fundamental programming concepts and principles
  • How to create interactive animations, stories, and games using Scratch
  • Designing sprites, backgrounds, and sound effects in Scratch
  • Handling user input and events in Scratch projects
  • Transitioning from Scratch to Python programming language
  • Syntax and structure of Python programming
  • Variables, loops, conditionals, and functions in Python
  • Problem-solving and logical thinking skills through coding challenges
  • Project-based learning to apply concepts in both Scratch and Python
  • Collaboration and teamwork in coding projects
  • Real-world applications of coding in various fields
  • Developing a growth mindset and passion for lifelong learning in programming.

Course Outline of previous 2 Batches

Thanks to all of you for trusting Seed Programming and providing us with your amazing feedback during our previous two batches of this children’s course journey! Here is the detailed course outline that was covered in those courses.

June'23-August'23 Batch Reviews and Certifications 🌟

Discover what our students have to say🌟 about their transformative learning experiences with us.πŸŒ πŸ’» We take pride in our commitment to quality education, and their testimonials reflect the impact we’ve had on their lives.🌟Read on to hear firsthand accounts of their journey with us. πŸπŸš€Β 

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