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4. Power of Functions and Procedural Programming – Python

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The “Introduction to Functions” short course in the “Introduction to Programming with Python” series offers beginners a comprehensive introduction to utilizing functions in Python programming. Covering fundamental concepts, the course features tutorials on creating essential functions such as Add, finding the maximum number, and computing digit-by-digit sums. Additionally, learners will explore functions to display digits individually and identify characters and shapes. The course concludes with a hands-on project where students can implement a Rock Paper Scissors game, showcasing the practical application of functions in game development. Through these videos, participants will gain practical skills and confidence in using functions to solve various programming tasks efficiently in Python.

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Course Content

Power of Functions and Procedural Programming

  • Introduction to Functions – I
  • Introduction To functions – II
  • Power Function
  • Digit By Digit Sum
  • Digit By Digit Display
  • Identifying the Character
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game
  • Menu Based Programs
  • Highest Marks Section

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