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8. Animations with C++

Categories: C++, Programming, Recorded
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About Course

Welcome to ‘Animations with C++’—a course that brings math to life with a touch of magic! In this adventure, you’ll learn how to create stunning animations using the power of C++. We’ll kick things off with an introduction, where you’ll master essential concepts like ‘gotoRowCol‘ and console window customization. Then, we’ll develop fan animations, teaching you how to make fans spin, grow, and shrink. Get ready to explore circle printing, where you’ll work with equations and create beautiful circles and arcs. We’ll also venture into the world of spirals and show you how to make them using circle equations. And don’t miss our segment on growing and shrinking circle animations; it’s pure fun! Finally, we’ll reveal the science behind stone throwing animations, helping you understand the equations that make it happen. Join us for this exciting journey, and let’s turn math into captivating animations together!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Math-Powered Animations
  • Fan Animation Magic
  • Circle Printing Secrets
  • Spirals Unveiled
  • Growing and Shrinking Circles
  • Stone Throwing Animation

Course Content

Animations with C++

  • Introduction
  • Fan Animation
  • Circle Printing
  • Making a spiral using circle polar equation
  • Growing and shrinking Circle Animation
  • Stone Throwing Animation

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