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7. Arrays and Problem Solving with Arrays

Categories: C++, Programming, Recorded
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About Course

Are you prepared to discover the capabilities of arrays and elevate your problem-solving prowess? Join our course, “Arrays and Problem Solving with Arrays,” and start a journey to become an expert in this essential data structure and problem-solving approach.

1. Foundation of Arrays: Learn why arrays are indispensable in computer science and how to declare, initialize, and manipulate them efficiently.

2. Practical Implementation: Dive into real-world applications by solving simple programs using arrays, from basic printing to finding maximum values.

3. Array Initialization: Explore different ways to initialize arrays, including generating random numbers and understanding the importance of seeding.

4. Searching Mastery: Tackle searching problems in arrays, mastering techniques to find occurrences, and efficiently handle input.

5. Frequency-Based Challenges: Understand how to find frequencies and modes within arrays.

6. Sorting Proficiency: Master essential sorting algorithms like bubble and selection sort.

7. Distinct Elements: Learn to identify unique elements in arrays and work with them effectively.

8. Advanced Techniques: Explore merging, segregation, and the key differences between average and exceptional programmers.

9. 2D Arrays: Dive into the world of two-dimensional arrays, from indexing to initialization and loading data from files.

10. Character Arrays: Grasp the nuances of character arrays and their practical uses.

11. Structures for Efficiency: Discover how to use structures to manage matrices and 2D arrays more efficiently.

12. Matrix Calculator: Build a comprehensive matrix calculator with functions for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and transposition.

13. Real-World Problem Solving: Apply your knowledge to solve practical problems, like the “Prison Break” scenario using 2D arrays.

14. Memory Management: Understand the importance of memory segments, heap allocation, and dynamic arrays.

15. Pointer Mastery: Master pointers for indexing in dynamic arrays and learn the art of memory management.

16. Growable Arrays: Explore the creation of dynamic arrays that can grow as needed, making your programs more flexible.

17. Set Operations: Learn how to perform set operations and structuring sets efficiently.

18. Dynamic 2D Arrays: Go beyond the basics by working with dynamic 2D arrays, loading data from files, and creating versatile structures.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your programming skills. Enroll now and become a proficient problem solver with arrays, setting yourself apart as a skilled programmer. Your journey to success begins here!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Importance and fundamentals of arrays
  • Programs involving arrays
  • Ways of initializing arrays
  • Searching techniques within arrays
  • Frequency-based problems in arrays
  • Sorting algorithms for arrays
  • Understanding segregation in data
  • In-depth 2D arrays
  • Building a matrix calculator
  • Prison Break problem
  • Heap segment and memory allocation
  • Creating and loading dynamic arrays
  • Exploring pointer behavior
  • Conway's Game of Life
  • Dynamic 2D arrays at runtime

Course Content

Module 1 – Static 1D Arrays

  • Course Outline
  • Sorting problems and introduction to array
  • Simple programs implementing arrays
  • Array Initialization
  • Searching Problems in Arrays
  • Frequency based Problems in Arrays
  • Sorting in arrays
  • Unique and Distinct Elements in arrays
  • Merging two arrays
  • What is Segregation

Module 2 – 2D Array

Module 3 – Dynamic Arrays

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