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3. Control Structures 1 (if, else, switch, Conditionals)

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About Course

The “Control Structures I” short course in the “Introduction to Programming with C++” master course is a comprehensive introduction to fundamental programming concepts using control structures in C++. Through a series of practical tutorials, learners will gain proficiency in conditional statements and loops. The course covers a wide range of topics, including calculating the sum of digits, finding maximum and second maximum numbers, and creating basic calculators for arithmetic operations and aggregate calculation. Additionally, students will explore temperature conversions, methods for displaying digits and identifying shapes. The course concludes with an engaging project where participants can implement a Rock Paper Scissors game, demonstrating the practical application of control structures in game development. By completing this course, students will develop strong programming skills in C++ and gain confidence in using control structures to solve various programming tasks.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Conditionals (if, &&, ||, if-else, elseif)
  • Problem-solving with conditionals
  • Building a basic calculator
  • Enhancing code efficiency

Course Content

Control Structures 1 (if, else, switch, Conditionals)

  • Sum of Digits-Part 1
  • Sum of Digits – Part 2
  • Sum of Digits – Part 3
  • Sum of Digits – Part 4
  • Finding Maximum Number – Part 1
  • Finding Maximum Number – Part 2
  • Finding Second Maximum Number
  • Make Your 1st Calculator
  • Digit By Digit Display
  • Highest Aggregate Calculator
  • Tempertaure Conversion
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game
  • Identify The Shape

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