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Everything about Conditionals

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About Course

Unlock the full potential of C++ programming with our course, “Everything about Conditionals in C++.” Dive deep into the world of control structures, including IF/ELSE IF/SWITCH, and master the art of handling data types. Get ready for a thrilling journey as we explore essential concepts:


🚀 Begin by grasping the power of conditionals, from basic if statements to the magic of logical operators like && and ||.

🌟 Elevate your coding skills with if-else and else if constructs, and learn how to solve real-world problems, such as finding the sum of digits and identifying maximum values.

🔢 Take your skills to the next level as you build your very first calculator, all while exploring the nuances of char data types and data type casting.

🔄 Finally, conquer the versatile switch statement and unleash its potential in your coding projects.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Conditionals (if, &&, ||, if-else, elseif)
  • Problem-solving with conditionals
  • Building a basic calculator
  • Enhancing code efficiency

Course Content

Everything about Control Structures

  • Need of conditional Sum of Digits
  • Sum of Digits with Conditionals
  • Finding Maximum: Conditionals Practice
  • Make your 1st Calculator
  • Digit by digit Display – Conditionals and Switch Practice

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