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Learn to Code with Python - Batch II

Live: In-Person at APS Lahore and Online

Rs 10,000/- PKR

About Course

This summer camp is designed to introduce students to the world of programming through Python. Over the course of five weeks, students will learn the fundamentals of programming concepts such as loops, variables, conditionals, and functions. By the end of the camp, students will have the skills to create basic applications, solve programming problems, and understand foundational programming principles.

What Will You Learn?

  • Basics of Python programming.
  • How to use Python to print patterns and shapes.
  • Conditional statements and loops in Python.
  • Debugging techniques in Python.
  • How to write functions in Python.
  • How to build an age calculator project.
  • Working with lists, strings, and dictionaries in Python.
  • Sorting techniques.
  • How to create a Game of Life and Gomoku project.
  • Divide and conquer problem-solving techniques.
  • How to break down a program into smaller modules or functions.
  • Reusability and extendability through functions.

Classes Time Table

For In-Person

What we Delivered​

Lecture-01 Table Printing With Loops

  • Print statement 
  • Table Printing Method I:
    • Only print statements and expressions.
  • Variables
  • Taking Input from user
  • Why do we need variables?
  • Concatenation in print
  • String to integers conversion
  • Table Printing Method II:
    • Using variables and loops

Summer Special 2024

APS colab

Venue for In-Person: APS, Sarfaraz Rafiqui Rd, Cantt, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Punjab 54810

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