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Robotics for Children

Live: In-person(Fast NU Lahore)

Rs 5,000/-

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About Course

Hey there! Welcome to the Robotics Bootcamp, a 10-day adventure where we’re going to explore robotics step by step. On Day 1, we’ll get to know each other, have some fun activities, and check out exciting videos about where robotics is heading. Then, we’ll jump into hands-on electronics, playing around with things like breadboards and Arduinos. Day 2 is all about learning the basics of programming and making things move, like servo motors and sensors. After that, we’ll start building our own robots, picking up skills like soldering and assembling. Day 5 is all about sensors and creating an RC car. As we go, we’ll tackle some cool projects and challenges, leading up to a friendly competition on Days 7 to 9. Finally, on Day 10, it’s time to show off what we’ve built in a fun exhibition. Get ready for hands-on fun in the world of robotics!


Physical classes venue: Fast-NUCES, Faisal Town, Lahore. 


IMPORTANT: Each Student must has to buy a set of following Equipment to build robots in this workshop:
  • Arduino with wire
  • Car kit chasis
  • L298N
  • IR sensor
  • Ultrasound
  • 4 Cell holder
  • 4 cells or battery
  • Servo motor
  • jumper wires
  • leds + buzzer + Ldr

You can choose to buy Equipment Set from SeedProgrmming that will additionally cost 4,000-/ PKR or buy from market. 

What Will You Learn?

  • Welcome to Robotics Bootcamp!
  • Day 1: Introductions and Fun Activities
  • Day 1: Exploring the Future of Robotics
  • Day 2: Hands-on Electronics with Breadboards and Arduinos
  • Day 2: Basics of Programming and Making Things Move
  • Days 3-4: Building and Assembling Robots
  • Day 5: Sensors and Creating an RC Car
  • Days 6: Projects and Challenges
  • Days 7-9: Friendly Line Follower Competition
  • Day 10: Exhibition and Completing the Project

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