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Robotics from Zero to Hero - Batch II

Live: In-Person at APS Lahore 

Rs 10,000/- PKR

About Course

This course is designed to introduce children to the exciting world of robotics through hands-on activities and projects. Over the span of few weeks, students will learn fundamental concepts of electronics, programming, and robotics using the Wokwi platform and Arduino. They will progressively advance from basic circuit control to building and programming their own line-following robot car.

What Will You Learn?

  • Robotics fundamentals and concepts

  • Basic electronics and circuit understanding

  • Proficiency in Wokwi platform for Arduino

  • Control of LEDs and electronic components

  • Arduino programming with conditional statements

  • Handson sensor utilization (LDR, humidity, etc.)

  • Practical relay application for control

  • Integration of servo motors and ultrasonic sensor

  • Implementation of infrared sensors

  • Robotic car assembly and configuration

  • Motor movement principles

  • Advanced control techniques

  • PID control implementation

  • Infrared sensor utilization for line following

  • Linefollowing robot finalization and testing

Required Equipment Kit

Every student must buy the following list of equipment from any nearby electronic store:

  • 1 Arduino(UNO) with Wire

  • 1 Bread Board (830 points)

  • 1 Screwdriver set

  • 1 Battery Holder 18650

  • 1 Arduino Robotics Car Chassis 4 wheeler

  • 1 Switch

  • 1 L298N

  • 1 Battery Charger (18650)

  • 2 Batteries 18650 Lipo

  • 1 Ultrasonic Sensor

  • 1 5x-IR Sensor Array

  • 1 Wires set Each, Male – Male, Male Female, Female – Female

  • 1 LDR Module

  • 1 Buzzers

  • 20 Leds

You can order them from : or or can directly contact on the following number and ask them to deliver kit suggested by seed programming: 0301 5755775

Summer Special 2024

APS colab

Venue: APS, Sarfaraz Rafiqui Rd, Cantt, Lahore Cantt, Lahore, Punjab 54810

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