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Implementing 3D FPS Shooter Game in Unity

Categories: Game development
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About Course

Welcome to our 5th short-course: Implementing 3D FPS Shooter Game in Unity! This course is part of our “Scratch to Unity” master course series, here, we’ll guide you through creating a thrilling first-person shooter using Unity. Discover the intricacies of Unity’s 3D environment, master essential scripting techniques, and unleash your creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer, this course equips you with the skills to craft immersive gaming experiences. Let’s start together and bring your game ideas to life!

Let’s get started with an overview of what we’ll cover:


  1. Game Demo & Introduction: We’ll kick things off with a game demo, giving you a taste of what we’ll be creating. We’ll discuss the basics of making a 3D game and introduce the keys we’ll use for movement and interaction.


  1. Understanding 3D World & Unity Basics: Dive into the fundamentals of Unity’s 3D environment. Learn about player character requirements, physics implementation, camera setup, and the Unity Transform system for object manipulation.


  1. Introduction to ProBuilder: Explore ProBuilder, a powerful tool for creating 3D shapes directly within Unity. We’ll cover importing packages, adding shapes, scaling objects, and manipulating vertices to build our game environment.


  1. Creating Materials & Setting up Environment: Learn how to create materials, choose colors, add images, and position objects in your scene. We’ll merge objects and set up the playing environment, including adding stairs and obstacles.


  1. Adding Player & Movement: It’s time to bring our player character into the game! We’ll reset transforms, add components, adjust scales, and set up the camera position. Then, we’ll dive into scripting for player rotation and movement, covering concepts like mouse look, acceleration, and gravity management.


  1. Gameplay Mechanics & Improvements: Explore ways to enhance gameplay mechanics, including handling gravity issues, managing player velocity, and adding features like ground checks and jumping. We’ll also discuss error handling and cursor removal for a smoother player experience.


  1. Importing & Using Free Assets: Discover how to import free assets from the Unity Asset Store, including a demo gun for our FPS game. We’ll go through the steps of downloading assets, importing them into Unity, and integrating them into our game.


  1. Adding Gun & Firing Feature: Set up the gun position, scale, and collider, and implement firing mechanics. We’ll create scripts to handle shooting, set firing ranges, and manage colliders for accurate gameplay.


  1. Creating Target Script & Next Steps: Learn how to create a target script with health parameters and destruction mechanics. We’ll discuss what we’ve accomplished and explore future possibilities for our game, including uploading packages, adding sound, and further refining gameplay mechanics.


The gaming world eagerly awaits your next masterpiece—let’s make it unforgettable!


Kindly Note that this is the 5th Short Course in the Series of our Master Course “Scratch to Unity”.

After completing this 2nd step we will recommend you to join last courses in the series:

Or refer to “Scratch to Unity” short courses page if you have missed out 1-4 short-courses:

Scratch to Unity


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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding Unity Transform.
  • Manipulating objects in the 3D View-port.
  • Using ProBuilder for creating shapes and structures.
  • Importing packages and assets.
  • Associating the gun with the camera.
  • Implementing firing features with a script.
  • Implementing a movement script with character controller.

Course Content

Implementing 3D FPS Shooter Game in Unity

  • Game Demo
  • Understanding 3D World
  • Understanding Unity Transform
  • Adding Pro Builder
  • Creating Cube (Ground)
  • Adding Edge Wall
  • Adding Stairs
  • Adding Stairs
  • Creating Materials to Setup Playing Environment
  • Adding Player
  • Creating Player Rotation Script
  • Adding Player Movement
  • Previous Class Recap
  • Gravity Management
  • Player Velocity Calculation
  • Gameplay- for Improving Mechanics
  • Managing/Adding Ground Check Transform
  • Adding Jump Factor
  • Importing and Use of Free Assets (Gun)
  • Adding Gun Feature
  • Adding Firing Feature
  • Creating New Target Script
  • Discussing and Managing Next Steps

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